1. Stimulant: Ginseng improves mental performance, especially in older people, Ginseng contains choline, a chemical that is essential for learning and memory retention.

  2. Antioxidant: Ginseng contains antioxidants, substances that prevent cellular damage due to oxidation, exposure to unstable molecules called free radicals.

  3. Anti-aging: Ginseng exhibited anti-senility effects and led to the relief of age-related symptoms in a group of middle age and elderly subjects.

    A single-blind study examined the anti-aging effects of American ginseng on subjects over 60 years of age. ("American Ginseng Compound Liquor on retard-aging Process" J.Chui & K.J. Chen) The results of several studies done from 1990 to 1996 indicated that ginseng exhibited anti-senility effects and led to the relief of age-related symptoms in middle age and elderly subjects.

  4. Anti-cancer: The unpurified saponins, compounds found in ginseng, inhibited the growth of cancer cells and actually converted diseased cells into normal cells. Ginseng also helps the body to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer.

  5. Adaptogenic: Ginseng's remarkable 'adaptogenic' quality (helping the body to adapt to stress, fatigue, and cold) has been confirmed.

  6. Menopause: Ginseng contains compouns that are similar in action to estrogen, the female sex hormone.

  7. Antidiabetic: Ginseng helps the body maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol level, and stimulate, a range of immune system and endocrine responses. And also drinking alcohol increases the body's sensitivity to insulin. While Asian and American ginseng both appear to lower blood sugar (glucose) levels, American ginseng has been more studied in scientific trials. Several human studies report a blood sugar lowering effect using American ginseng in patients with type2 diabetes. This includes both fasting blood sugar and on postprandial(after eating) glucose level. Researchers at ST. Michael's hospital and the University of Toronto have found that taking American ginseng before a meal reduces postprandial blood sugar by about 15~20% over a 2 hour trial period.

  8. Reproductive activity: A 2002 study done by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine found that American and Asian ginseng both enhance libido and improve copulatory performance. These effects may be due to ginseng's ginsenoside components effects on the central nervous system and gonadal tissues. In males, ginsenosides can improve penile erection.

  9. Blood Alcohol Clearance: Results of one study on healthy male volunteers showed that the administration of Panax ginseng extract at doses of 3g/65Kg body weight 40 minutes after an alcoholic drink enhanced the rate of blood alcohol clearance. "The Clinician's Handbook of NATURAL HEALING" Gary Null, Ph.D.

  10. Brain Damage: The result of one study showed that ginsenosides exhibited protective effects on cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats.

  11. Alzheimer's disease: Individual reports and animal studies indicate that a component of American and Asian ginseng, the ginsenosides, may slow the progresseion of Alzheimer's and improve memory and behaviour.

NOTE: The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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